What is DAO Studio ?

Birthed from the very garage on 4th of October 2022, DAO Studio was incorporated as a Startup Studio.Β  With my college professor Dr. Sandeep Sharma, as the first investor in the Studio in addition to the some seed capital from the garage. Later joined by ex-CFO of Zenoti, and ex-Investment Banker Rohit Agarwal in August 2023.Β 

Started with a vision to empower humanity to do more meaningful work with their time, and allow for creation of Decentralised Autonomous Organisations (DAOs). As we dove deeper, it was obvious that AI is going to play a crucial role in that journey which required a mission to 'Democratise AI and Commoditise Intelligence'. With the idea steadily evolving into the "YOJN" - Sanskrit word for a unit of distance.Β 

YOJN helps you better control, and explain AI. Built for enterprises and startups.

It helps you move the needle along real business metrics !

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Startup Studio of YOJN Care, YOJN AI, YOJN Protocol and YOJN Front Desk

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