What is RawThoughts ?

RawThoughts is more than a publication outlet. A vessel of innovation, with 5+ happy clients ๐Ÿค—ย  of Product Management Consulting in SaaS and Artificial Intelligence, over the later part of the last decade, financing my journey of "what can only be described as a lifelong project" at this point of time.ย 

It all started with 1 failure in commercialising an amazing technology for "eliminating false positives in emergency response" that birthed from this very garage as my first Startup ! (The technology lives on as a part of DAO Studio's YOJN Care, which paved the way for something much better)

"It's a dangerous line - Living in the future, vs, peeping into the future" - At RawThoughts we jump rope with that line. Building the thesis for the new age economy of AI, Blockchain,ย  STEM and SaaS.

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