Nothing fancy. Smiple terms :
- Don't share any data, you don't want used.
- For any greivances write to info[at]rtepl[dot]co[dot]in
- DAO Studio Private Limited is a separate entity. For any grievances related to DAO Studio or YOJN, contact DAO Studio.
- For any payment concerns with Sleepwalker, Causality, RawThoughts and getHarsh, write to accounts[at]rtepl[dot]co[dot]in

Payment and purchase terms are also simple:
- No Refunds. If making any payments, please make sure it's vetted by you.
- If against any services, refer to the service contract for the terms.

Don't violate any copyrights or infringe on any IP. Take permissions from info[at]rtepl[dot]co[in] first. 

The information is being shared as is and RawThoughts Enterprises Private Limited is not liable for any impact/damages/loss resulting from any delay/malfunction/ non-fullfillment or any other issue arising. Simply a creator, creating stuff. Do with it what you will at your own discretion. And be nice to each other 👍

PS: In case of issues arising with failure from any intermediary [be it human, organisation or service] - Please feel free to take it up with them. Your interaction with offerings of this platform, is taken as a consent to these terms. If you don't consent to it, then do not interact. And any bot, AI or any such similar system needs to take consent for using the content shared by RawThoughts Enterprises Private Limited.